From the Desk of Provincial Superior

“The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others.” –  Gordon B.Hinckley.

We the Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa, Tamil Nadu Province inspired by our Foundress, Servant of God, Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima started Social Ministry in full swing in the year 2005 as we have registered ourselves as an NGO by name “KRUPALAYA CHARITABLE TRUST – Villupuram”. From then on, our sisters are involved in forming Self Help Groups, giving various awareness programme for Women and Children, taking care of the HIV/AIDS patients and cancer patients, TB referral and testing, home based care for the disabled children in and around Villupuram, NABARD training programmes – getting loan for SHGs, running Schools for Drop out children, various Skill training programme such as Tailoring and Computer for women and young girls to support oneself without the help from other people.

Happy to mention that ‘KRUPALAYA’ has branched out to other Districts like Thiruvannamalai, Nagapattinam and Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. We have also extended our services at Podanur in Coimbatore district, and to a neighbouring State namely Andhra Pradesh by taking up Hospital Ministry in collaboration with Akasham Hospitals and Social Ministries as mentioned above. We do have Homes for Children and Senior citizens and short stay Home for women in distress. Our sisters involved in Social Ministry in these places render their services with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. KRUPALAYA TRUST thus cater to the development of the targeted people so that their lifestyle may improve socially and economically. Dear sisters, I sincerely appreciate your generous and committed service to the most deserving people.

From the Desk of Sr. Sarguna General Councillor for Social Apostolate

Our beloved Foundress Mother Teresa of St. Rose of Lima, Servant of God was ever attentive to the softest whisperings of God. She fulfilled His designs with heroic faith and generosity. The Carmelite Sisters of St. Teresa is the Vine she planted with tender love and care. God gave it growth but she, would not see the buds burst forth or the fruit ripen.

We are nearing the 135th year of its birth in Kerala in 1887. While thanking God for the gift of 135 years which saw the slender sapling grow to be a mighty sturdy tree we need to strengthen our roots, prayerfully thank God for keeping alive the charism ‘CSST empowers the poor and the marginalised to restore their human dignity’ gifted to us by our Foundress, safeguard and pass it on as our cherished CSST heritage to the future generations. It is a time to ponder God’s mercy and faithfulness to us.

Sr. Sarguna


The dream of Mother Foundress for the Missions’ is being realized through the selfless service of our sisters through education, medical, social and other apostolic ministries.

The website gives a few glimpses of our work in the field of the Social Apostolate. In these fast changing and challenging times, we seek the collaboration of all people of good will for their kind support and cooperation, so that our combined effort gives fresh buds and yields rich ripe fruit, fruit that will last.

We sound the clarion call to all who are willing and warmly invite you to be part of our mission of sharing the compassion. We, the General Team congratulate and appreciate our Sisters of Tamil Nadu Province for the best service they render to the Society through their Social Apostolate.


Note from Sr. Sarala, the Secretary

I feel that, I am honoured and privileged to express my deep appreciation to the pioneers of Krupalaya Trust, who worked and challenged the social ministry in Tamil Nadu Province. Our Foundress is a woman of deep God experience ,with a sense of mission, her words “ We must try to give practical effect to the prayer we repeat so often in the day Thy Kingdom come ,Thy will be done’ let her sisters in the field of charity, enlightenment and service towards the poor and the marginalized.

We the Krupalaya are taking care of the elders, destitute children, the chronically sick, the poor, HIV/TB patients and terminally ill, and empowering women through self help groups, has helped to build and stabilize family life. I in a special way, owe so much to all the pioneers Srs. Fabiana, Shanthi, Tressa and Constance who tread the path for the young sisters. As our Foundress words goes “Forward sisters Forward that the sisters must take the lead.

Now at present Sr.Swathi Councillor for Social Apostolate, Srs. Sumitha, Juliet, Jeya Jyothi, Julia, Sharmila, Vinnarasi and Monica Selvam who are continuing the work of our pioneers according to the signs of the time started the social ministry in different districts under the unit of Krupalaya trust namely at Erukkur, Thiruvannamalai, Konagipalayam, and Pudupalayam.

I am grateful to all the sisters who are working in this social field also the coordinating staff in the respective places. My sincere thanks to our sisters at Podanur and Amalapuram and the supporting staff who envisaged and set to motion such an important mission to empower and emancipate the poor and the deprived.

Note from Sr.Swathi, Councillor for Social Apostolate

When God created the earth, He created the human beings to be a master of the earth. So much so, God said go and multiply and have harmonious relationship with nature. Our present Pope Francis in his encyclical Fratelli Tutti says, earth is a common home we are all brothers and sisters. But human wants are unlimited, their desires for destruction is the result of inequality, injustice, indiscrimination, poverty etc,.

Krupalaya comes with the Grace of God to alleviate this suffering in a unique way. It is a trust belonging to the Institute of the Caremelite Sisters of St. Teresa. And its Charism is ‘Contemplation in Action’. After experiencing the intimacy of Jesus we reach out to the poor and the down trodden in a distinguished way.

Sr. Swathi


“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential”- Berne Brown.

As religious and above all being incharge of the social service action oriented programme we lead the people having the following guidelines

As a social worker,

  • We are here to LISTEN not to work Miracles.
  • We are here to HELP people IDENTIFY their options, not to decide for them what they should do.
  • We are here to help them to climb the steps with people, not to take the steps for them.
  • We are here to HELP people to DISCOVER their own strength, not to rescue them and leave them vulnerable.
  • We are here to HELP people DISCOVER that they can help themselves, not to take responsibility for them.
  • We are here to HELP people learn to CHOOSE, but to keep them away from making difficult choices.
  • We are here to provide support for change.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

We work for HIV positive, disability and widows population in our district.
To support us, please contact : 9487534539 / 9080528709.
All donations to Krupalaya Charitable Trust are exempted from Income Tax u/s 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Unit of Krupalaya